Mabel Sport

What I admired most about my grandmother was her honesty, sincerity, kindness and how she respected everything right down to a spider. She said it has a purpose here too; its purpose is to catch flies. I had a happy childhood. Our grandmother would tell us all kinds of stories and we were not supposed to talk because we might miss something. She also would tell us never to do wrong to other people because it will always come back to you. The things we did with our grandmother were berry pick, collect driftwood, and gather medicines. The kinds of food that we ate were all different kinds of fish from the ocean and at that time salmon would be up to a hundred pounds. We also ate clams and different shell fish, roots, berries, as well as stocks from different kinds of bushes. The teaching I want to share is, the importance of getting back to eating our natural foods from the land and the sea. Today's foods are not good for us so we must plant our own gardens or return to the plentiful gardens of the forest and sea.