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The following video clip demonstrates why it is important to respect creation. Values such as respect were taught through the sacred time of story telling. Story telling was a way for children to learn how to be as a human being. By using vivid examples of comparison one will grasp onto the teachings

Everybody helped one another. If you seen someone working you offered your help freely. Kids today watch too much TV and say life is too boring because they are not working the way we did.

In the evening we were not allowed to play out when it got dark. This was the time that dad would take his drum and sing to us until we fell asleep. We would wake up early in the morning to begin our day now today kids are tired because they stay up too late and it affects their schooling.

You don’t disown your child for what they are; you get closer to them and love them more. The children are reaching out and acting out to get your attention and we need to give them more attention.

The innocent will go home to the spirit world if we are not doing right. This is what we teach our children and this is why we tell them don’t do what I have done, learn from our experience.

It is really important to talk to your children when they are eating and to make time for your children. We were taught that when you talk to them while they are eating they will swallow what you are saying with the food that nourishes their bodies. My mom would say “love your children like it’s your last day to be with them because we don’t know when we will die or when our children will die.”

You have to have respect for your families and you will get respect back. How you are and who you are reflects where you are at. You have to do it in action not in just words. When you respect people you get respect back.

We were taught how to talk about how we feel because if you don’t it stays there and you get depressed.

It is important to give back to the people when people come to support you in different ways and this can be done by being there for them at their time of need.

When potlatch ceremonies where happening we were not allowed to run around we had to sit where mom was sitting because if you fall, we have to give money to the chiefs or the hosts. This is how we respected the host long ago. The men would sit on one side and the women and children on the other and we were not allowed to whisper or laugh because the host might think we are making fun of their party and might come and say you come and have a better feast. The potlatch is how we learned our language we would sit there watch and listen right from when we were small.