Amelia Thompson Campbell

Amelia ThompsonMed Prog har

My grandparents and great grandparents taught me to always respect everything and to always feed people. My great grandfather gave me a coming of age ceremony and I was always told how to be a good woman. The grandmothers taught me how to make baskets, how to do fish; seal and whale, to pick berries, to get medicines, as long as you have hands and feet you are to use them for harvesting and to support yourself. They also taught me that family are people that will always be there and once you get married you teach your children these ways of being. We were also very nomadic and traveled with the seasons to harvest from the sea and the land. I was also taught that we hold the key to the universe and it scares me that people take too much from the land and sea and do not leave enough for the next season. Our Mother the Earth is being destroyed and we need to get back to the teachings.