Margaret Andrew

Margret AndrewMed Prog hard

I was raised by my grandparents and many aunties and uncles. Living with my grandparents was really neat because I had a lot of other family members to live with. It was really important to us that we all went to bed at the same time, even our grandparents. Our grandfather would tell us stories at bed time and I would never hear the ending of that story. The next night we couldn’t wait to hear that story again and he would never say to us, “I told you that story before”…he would just begin that story again….

Our teaching is: you sit, you listen, you learn. It is very important to listen and learn. Never say, “I can’t” because you can. You don’t say, “I’ll try” say I can. Be proud. Do it, learn it, and learn our language because it’s really important.