Jan Mary Webster

Jan Mary WebsterMed Prog ha

The Nuu-chah-nulth people were very spiritual people. Everything they did involved a connection to the Creator or N'ass. From identity, to the sacred teachings within the language and culture, to the roles of the men, women, and children, to marriage, to governance, to respect of all things, the foundation of living life was spiritually based. Knowing who you are and what nation you come from was an important part of your identity. As previously stated by many elders, grandparents played a key role in passing down the teachings. The grandparents were very strict about sacred marriage ceremonies. What is learned by a union of marriage is role modelling of love, respect, unity, peace, as marriage is spiritually centered. The cultural teachings of song and dance are passed down to the next generation through marriage and birth that is why the ancestors were very strict and ceremonial when it came to marriage.