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A lot has changed in the interpretation of our culture and histories with the young people of today. We try to correct these interpretations but are left with no compromise and it is our hope that by sharing these teachings that the young people will learn. For example, our ancestors taught us that when a person has a title that does not mean he has property or land and that only the chief has these rights. We were also taught respect. Respect for all things such as respect for people, animals, the land, Mother Nature, the ocean and this was the priority of the ancestral teachings. Our people were a very proud people they took pride in all that they did. The following song was composed during the sealing days of our ancestors while they were up in Alaska. It was composed after a victory in Dutch Harbour while competing in various different traditional games. Sharing the following teachings and song is a demonstration of renewal and is a way of showing the people that we can have victory by learning our ancestral ways.