Josephine George

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My mother was very strong in teaching us what to do and she used to always say, “If you can’t afford to do things you don’t depend on other people to do the things for you, you do it yourself.” She was very strong in that. She also told us to take pride in what we do and make things presentable. Always be careful and watch what you say because you don’t want to hurt people was another teaching from mom. If someone hurts you she would say, “Never give it back to them just let it be and bite your tongue.”
When doing things my dad would always say, “Do things from your heart and that means a lot.” Doing things from your heart for other people was his strongest words.
It was also important to carry yourself in a respectful manner when you are attending gatherings as the following clip demonstrates.

A good heart is the foundation of being a human being. Take in your families when they come to visit as that was the way when we were growing up. We were well off because we could get our food from the beach and right in front of the beach out in the ocean. Food preservation was very important to store for future use. We had an aunt that would hunt for deer, get hair seal and go trapping. My mom would jar fish and clams and would always be preserving food for future use. We would gather mussels, sea urchins, abalone, hi-sh-toop. It was always important to never take more than you need.