Pauline Braker

I was a very lucky person. I had a father and a mother; a grandfather and a grandmother on my mother’s side; and a grandmother on my father’s side as well as a lot of aunties and uncles.

The following are only a sample of the things I remember them telling me. If anybody says anything bad about you, you never say anything back and next time you see the person just greet with kindness. Very often people talk bad about someone else. I was always taught never talk bad about anyone because it might be in your own backyard someday and you would end up feeling bad. You should look on the good side of a person as there is something good in each and every one of us.

When someone is sick or passes away, and if a girl is pregnant, she should not go near them.

When you go to a potlatch, girls should never talk when they are dancing or giggle when they make a mistake and never chew gum.

When some one is giving thanks always remove your hat or cap and never talk when they are thanking.

My dad always said, “If you invite people always have enough food never run short you can always give it away if you have too much.”

We were told who we were related to so we would not marry into our own.

Always respect yourself and others. But I always thought if you wanted to be respected you had to earn that respect.

Today, when I try to speak to young people they just say I know, they think you are scolding them.

I always told my sons, when they were going to school, you are not there for the teachers or your parents you are going to school for yourself.

What ever you make of life that is what you get!