Post-Secondary Funding

Because you’re worth it!

Applying for funding to study at college, university or trades school takes a little time, effort, and patience – but what a difference it can make.

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Application Deadlines

Program Start Application Deadline Late Application Period Applications No Longer Accepted
September/Fall Term March 1st - Same year March 2nd - April 1st - Same year April 2nd - same year

January/Winter Term

Spring/Summer Term

August 1st of previous year August 2 - September 1 - Previous Year

September 2nd - previousyear

*Note: Students must apply to each year to receive funding for that year.

To Apply for Funding for Programs Which Start in the Fall Term:

Students must have their NTC Post-Secondary Funding Applications to the NTC Post-Secondary Funding Program no later than March 1st at 4:30 pm each year.  Where March 1st falls on a non-business day, applications will be due to the NTC by end of the next business day at 4:30 pm. 

To Apply for Funding for Programs with a Winter Term, Spring Term, or Summer Term Start Date: 

Students must have submitted their Post-Secondary Funding Applications to the NTC Post-Secondary Funding Program no later than August 1st at 4:30 pm each year.  Where August 1st falls on a non-business day, applications will be due to the NTC by end of the next business day at 4:30 pm.

Where new programs are introduced by institutions after the NTC PS application deadlines, the Director of Education, Training, and Social Development has discretion to accept late applications for that specific program.

How to Apply

Step #1: Plan Ahead

Reach out to the NTC Post-Secondary Education Program staff well in advance of the application deadlines as they will assist you with planning how to fill and apply for funding, finding out how to order transcripts, where to access English and Math assessments, and when to apply for education programs.

Step #2: Review the NTC Post-Secondary Policy

The NTC Post-Secondary Funding Policy (link below) contains vital information that you are required to know if you are funded through the NTC Post-Secondary Funding Program. It is your responsibility to contact the NTC if/ when you need assistance. (NTC Post-Secondary Funding Policy Link)

Step #3: Fill out the Application Form

Download or print the NTC Post-Secondary Funding Application form (link below) and complete all sections. Incomplete application forms will not be approved for funding by the NTC Post-Secondary Funding Program. (Post-Secondary Funding Form)

Step #4: Collect Your Documents

Gather up your required documents for your application

  • Completed NTC Post-Secondary Funding Application Form
  • Most recent transcripts
  • Program acceptance letter sent by the institution (if a new student or if entering a new program not previously funded by NTC)
  • Most Recent Canada Child Benefit Notice if claiming dependent child(ren)
  • Signed NTC Attestation Form if claiming dependent spouse

Step #5: Submit your application

Send your application by fax, mail, email or drop off your application to the NTC before the application deadline(s) March 1st for program start in September/Fall Term of the Same Year and or August 1st for program start in January/Winter Term upcoming or Spring/Summer of Next Year.

NTC Post-Secondary Education Program
PO Box 1383
Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 7M2

Note: Be advised that the application deadline applies to when applications are received by the NTC so if you are sending by mail, please understand delivery times may vary by location.


Fax: (250) 724-9682 (Attention: Post-Secondary Education Program)


Email: OR

*Note: Retain a copy of the transmission when sending by fax or email.


Step #6: Follow up with NTC Post-Secondary Education

You will receive a letter within 2 weeks stating your application was received by the NTC Post-Secondary Funding Program. Within 4 weeks of the application deadline, you will receive a letter stating any additional information that is required in order to consider your application for funding through the NTC Post-Secondary Education Funding Policy and a deadline to submit the additional information. If you think there will be a delay in providing additional information, contact the NTC Post-Secondary Program staff right away.

Entry Level Assessments for First Time Funding Applicants

English Assessments

If you are applying for post-secondary funding for the first time you will need an English Assessment. This helps ensure you have the skills you need to succeed at college or university. High school grades cannot be accepted in place of an assessment.

Note: Students who have successfully completed an English course at a post-secondary institution do not need an English Assessment.

Math Assessments

If your program requires mathematics you may also need a Math Assessment.

Policies and Procedures

How the NTC approves and delivers post-secondary funding is governed by provincial government policies and joint funding agreements.

Tips for Funding Success

  • Plan ahead
  • Fill out all of the required sections of the funding application
  • Submit all required paperwork, including follow-up requests
  • Meet all required deadlines
  • Let us know if there any changes to your schedule such as:
    • Course changes
    • Switching programs
    • Changes due to health or other challenging circumstance
  • Contact us on a regular basis
  • Check your email from
    • Make sure that our email is not going into your junk mail folder!!!
  • Call or email us if you have any questions