The NTC INDIAN REGISTRATION ADMINISTRATOR Program is a based out of the Port Alberni main NTC office location. 

Randy Ginger, has held the Indian Registration Administrator position since February 2022, initially on a part time basis however due to the extreme volume of workload, was increased to a full time basis.  In this capacity he is responsible to administer the NTC Indian Registration Program on behalf of Indigenous Services Canada. 

In addition to the processing of applications for certificate of Indian Status, the IRA is also responsible to process what are referred to a “life events”.  These could include documents relating to: births, marriages, divorces, confirmed deaths, band transfers, amendments to an individual’s register information such as: names, birth date, province of residence and or residence code (on reserve, off reserve, etc.), parental information, spousal information, deletion of marriage (error in data entry), category amendment from 6(2) to 6(1)(f), new registration number.

Registration of events are not automatic, proper forms need to be completed and signed and original certificates need to be provided. For birth registrations, original birth certificates with the parental information have to be submitted. Once birth events are recorded the birth certificate is sent back with a letter confirming that the registration is complete along with the new Registration number of the child.

Due to the high volume and demands on the NTC IRA Program, a decision was made to expand the program in 2022 by introducing an IRA Program Assistant.  This position is staffed by Karen Mack, on a part-time basis.  This position has been instrumental in dealing with various administrative tasks ranging from booking appointments, administrative duties supporting the IRA reports to ISC, etc.

There are 7 NTC First Nations that NTC delivers services to, these are:  Ehattesaht, Hesquiaht, Hupacasath, Kyuquot/Checklesaht, Mowachaht/Muchalaht, Nuchatlaht and Tseshaht.  The remaining First Nations have decided to administer their own IRA Program services.

Status Card Services

Status cards application services are available by pre-booked appointment only, between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Eligibility for Status Card  

Entitlement to receive a status card is based under Section 6 of the Indian Act and is protected by the Federal Privacy Act.  To try to explain this further, we have drawn down information obtained from ISC resource materials.

Section 6 is comprised of 9 different entitlement categories under which an individual may be determined to be entitled or registered.  There are two key distinctions between entitlement categories, Subsections 6(1) and 6(2).

6(1) Entitlement

An individual registered or entitled to be registered under 6(1) can pass status to their chid(ren).

6(2) Entitlement

An individual registered or entitled to be registered under subsection 6(2) must parent with another registered or entitled to be registered Indian in order to pass status to the child(ren).

Age Requirements

  • Applicants who are 16 years of age or older must complete the Adult Application.
    • The applicant is the person whose name will be added and recorded in the Indian Register based on the application (i.e., the adult).
  • Children who are 15 years old or younger must have their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) complete the Child or Dependent Adult Application.
    • The applicant is the parent(s), custodial Parent(s), or legal guardian(s) of the child, not the child.
  • An individual who has been determined to be a Dependent Adult who is 16 years or older must have their legal guardian(s) complete the Child or Dependent Adult Applicant.
    • The applicant is the legal guardian(s) of the dependent adult, not the dependent adult.

Immediate ISC Assistance Available

If you require immediate assistance, ISC will be able to answer any questions directly, send your questions or concerns with your Name, Date of Birth, or Reference Number, to the following direct email:

Program Contact:    

Kathleen Lundy Sam
Acting Indian Registration Administrator
PO Box 1383
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 7M2
Phone: (250)724-5757
Fax: 250-724- 5767
Toll free: 1-877- 677-1131