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4090 8th Avenue
Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 4S4
Tel: (250) 723-1331
Toll Free: 1-833-276-5849
Fax: (250) 723-1336

Administrative Team

Marisa Bennett
NETP Manager

Kirunn Sharma
NETP Office Coordinator

Shan Ross
Special Projects Coordinator

Gregory Thomas
NETP Intake Coordinator

Crystal Prest
NETP Receptionist

Case Managers - Northern Region

Patricia McDougall
NETP PES Case Manager

Case Managers - Central Region

Evan Hauser
NETP Case Manager
P: (250) 723-1331 (Port Alberni office)
P: (250) 726-7347 (Ucluelet office)

Brynn Van Vliet
PES Case Manager
P: (250) 726-7347 (Ucluelet office)

Case Managers - Southern Region

Melanie Cranmer
NETP Case Manager

Alecia Enmark
PES Administative Assistant

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