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Main Office (Port Alberni)
Tel: (250) 724-3939
TF: 1 (888) 624-3939
Fax: (250) 724-5747


For more information, please contact:

Jeannette Watts, BScN MPH

Manager of Nursing Services (All Regions)       

Home Care & Community Nurse Clinical Leaders

Shanley Rainsberry - RN, BScN
Clinical Nurse Leader (Southern Region)

Amanda Aspinall - RN, BScN
Clinical Nurse Leader (Central and Northern Regions)
P: 250-725-3367

Nursing Department Administrative Team

Jodi Baker
Administrative Assistant


Linda Smith, LPN
Nurse Navigator
P: 250-724-3939

Client Navigator

West Coast General Hospital (Port Alberni) - First Nations Advocate Nurse

Deb Melvin, LPN
Aboriginal Liaison Nurse
P: 250-731-1370 ext. 48109

Nuu-chah-nulth Pandemic Response Team (All Regions)


Community Health Promotion


Registered Dietitians

Rachel Dickens, RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator (Central Region)
P: 250-725-3367

Jen Cody, MHSC, RD
Registered Dietitian (All Regions)
P: 250-724-3939

Home & Community Care / Community Health Nursing - Southern Region

Marion Guiraud, RN, BN
P: 250-724-3939

Lucy Chiasson, RN(c) BSN (Strong Family House)
P: 250-723-3939

Sonia Somerville, RN
P: 250-724-3939

Samantha Finley
P: 250-723-3939

Nadine Shaw - RN
P: 250-725-3367

Claudette Lucas
P: 250-724-3939

Malcolm Many Chiefs
P: 250-724-3939

Jennifer Williams
P: 250-725-3367

Karen McDonald

Community Health Workers - Southern Region

Kaytlen Lucas
P: 250-724-3939

Gerrelyn Barney
P: 250-724-3939

Jeanette Jacobson
P: 250-724-3939

Home & Community Care / Community Health Nursing - Central Region

Marian Webster, LPN
P: 250-670-9615

Kelsey Rix, RN, BScN
P: 250-725-2523
P: 250-670-9608

Christine Curley, RN, BScN
P: 250-725-2523

Community Health / Home & Community Care Nursing - Northern Region

Erica Keen, RN
P: 250-332-5289

Sarah Reiter

Community Based Research Coordinator

Nicole Malcomson
P: 250-724-3939

Health Program Assistants

Roberta Tom